External tournaments


Date (2023) Game (genders) Name Location Level
Sun 23rd of April Large field (mixed) Big mixed Delft Low
Sun 7th of May Small field (mixed) HOT Nijmegen Low
Sat-Sun 3rd and 4th of June Small field (mixed) FUST Delft Low

Fri-Sun 9th, 10th and 11th of June
Arrive friday evening

Swiss (mixed) Floorball Meeting Munster Munster Intermediate
Fri-Sun 23rd, 24th and 25th of June
Arrive friday evening
Large field (male/female) Groningen Floorball Open (GFO) Groningen Intermediate
Fri-Sun 7th, 8th and 9th of July
Games on friday as well!
Large field (male/female) Amsterdamned Amsterdam High
Sat 2nd of September Swiss (mixed) Bielefelder Floorball Cup (BFC) Bielefeld Low
Summer holidays ? International tournament
(holiday week with Messed Up)
? Probably high

Big Mixed (Delft)

A large field tournament for mixed gender teams held in Delft. Each team should have at least 2 males and 2 females on the field. The tournament will start around 10:00 and end before 18:00 on Sunday the 23rd of April. Expected costs ~20 euros/team and travel costs to Delft and back.
There is no official tournament website for Big Mixed.

HOT (Nijmegen)

This is a small field tournament where upto 12 teams will compete. It starts at 10:00 and ends at 18:00 at the latest on Sunday the 7th of May. HOT is held in the Radboud sportcentrum, Heyendaalseweg 141, Nijmegen. The teams are mixed gender, but at least two females need to play at all times. There will be lunch available for the teams. Expected costs less than 10 euros/person and travel costs to Nijmegen and back. Nice and relaxed tournament.

Check here for the official tournament website of HOT.

FUST (Delft)

Tournament with the student floorball associations. You will be mixed together with players from other student floorball associations to get to know them. The tournament is played on small field with mixed gender. After the tournament (on Saturday night) there's a big party and you can sleep over to go home on sunday. This tournament will be organised for the first time this year, and is expected to be similar to the ISSTT, but shorter. Expected costs ? euros and travel costs to Delft and back.
There is no official tournament website for FUST.

Floorball Meeting Munster (Munster)

Leave for Germany by train on friday evening. Camp on the grass field behind the gym in tents. Hang outside, play cardgames, drink and have fun in the evening. Saturday and Sunday are filled with the Swiss tournament. The tournament is for mixed gender, but most participants are male. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included. Held in late spring, so usually great weather! Get back in the evening on Sunday, when we often still go out for dinner with whoever wants to. Expected costs 45 euro/person and travel costs to Munster and back. Jamasi, the floorball shop is available at this tournament, if you'd like to buy new gear. Always a great atmosphere at this tournament as all German players see it as a chill down tournament. Almost no-one takes this tournament serious, but we probably still get beat...
Check here for the official tournament website of Munster.

Groningen Floorball Open - GFO (Groningen)

Leave for Groningen on friday evening, having a fun evening with drinks and cardgames in the ACLO followed by playing large field games on saturday and sunday. The genders are not mixed here, there's a gents and a ladies tournament. Saturday evening there's a great party in ACLO and/or people sometimes go to Groningen city centre after. We can sleep in the sportshall for this tournament. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in the tournament. Expected costs ? euros and travel costs to Groningen and back.
Check here for the official tournament website of GFO.

Amsterdamned (Amsterdam)

High level international large field tournament that distinguishes between a tournament for gents and ladies. Matches start on friday morning and the last ones are played on sunday. You play both Dutch teams but also teams from different nationalities (i.e. Czech, Swiss, Belgian, French, Latvian and more) We need to fix our own lodgings in Amsterdam, nothing is organised by the tournament itself for sleeping accomodations. Could be that there's a party or bbq, but that's not certain. There's a floorball shop available at this tournament, if you'd like to buy new gear.

Check here for the official tournament website of Amsterdamned.

Bielefelder Floorball Cup - BFC (Bielefeld)

A cool 'small' tournament where we play Swiss variant of floorball with twelve teams. It takes place on a saturday in the inexistent city of Bielefeld, from 10:00 - 19:00. We fix cars to get there. It's the Swiss variant of floorball with mixed teams, though most participants are males. You need to bring your own lunch and on the way back we mostly visit MacDonalds or Burger King. Big perk? The Bielefelders bake tons of cakes and pies and you can eat as many as you like, leaving a tip for their efforts. Yummie!

Check under events for the official tournament website of BFC.

International tournament - Holiday week with Messed Up

In the summer holidays Messed Up often joins a tournament somewhere in another country. We say we go there to play floorball, but we might actually go there because it's fun to go on holiday with Messed Uppers. We have been to Prague (Czech Open) and Bratislava (Slovak Open) before. A decision is still to be made where we will go this year (and when that would be).