Like many associations, the members of Messed Up facilitate both sport and fun activities through committees. Below you will find the committees you might like to join:

General Members Assembly (GMA) committees

The first committees are charged and discharged at the GMA:

Technical committee

In short the TC is responsible for holding training, having (educated) trainers, creating and organising the competition teams, setting up the Internal Competition, hosting a referee course and organising the match days in Enschede. They make their own policy on how to achieve this.

It takes a maximum of two hours a week working in the TC.


The Kascommittee's purpose is to help with and check the finances of Messed Up. While we have a treasurer that does most of the work, the KasCo's job is to check if everything is done correctly.

The kascommittee takes around 25 hours a year for work.

Board of Advice

While the KasCo's job is to check and help with the finances, the board of advice's job is to help and advice the board with problems when they do not know how to solve it themselves or when they want a second opinion. Additionally the board of advice watches the progress of the board and gives unasked advice if they deem it necessary.

General committees

Then there are the general committees of Messed Up that can be joined all year round:

Bar committee

The bar committee is in charge of organizing the bar days. This entails sending Doodles, making bar schedules, informing the association concerning bardays, keeping track of the work actions system and requesting and optimising the schedule of bardays for the upcoming half-year concerning Messed Up.

The bar committee requires around two hours of work per barshift, with around 5 barshfits a year.


The promocommittee's responsibility is getting new members to Messed Up. We promote Messed Up via the Kick-in, have open trainings all through September and host small open tournaments in September as well. We show the activites Messed Up holds, the match days we play and open trainings we have on our Instagram account. There is also the option for study associations, companies or other groups to do a floorball clinic if they are interested. Halfway through the year, around March we host a 'small field' tournament, called the friends tournament, where anyone can join and members are encouraged to join with a team of friends! Next to this we encourage the promo committee to be creative, since there is always room to try something different.

The promo committee will take around one hour every two weeks.


Once a year, Messed Up is organising a huge international tournament here in Enschede. The ISSTT is a three day tournament, and has a number of activities next to playing floorball. Furthermore, there is always a fun theme for the event, from Garfield to Phineas & Ferb.

The ISSTT-committee requires around 2-4 hours a week.


The webcomittee's responsibility is to make sure the website of Messed Up is working. The committee is also involved in making the website better every year!

The website currently needs a large update, which will require a lot more work. For this to work, aproximatly 4 hours a week is required.

First-year committee

Did you just become a member of our beautiful association? We'd love for you to join your peers and setup a simple and fun activity together. You'll get to know each other, get some experience in event organisation and enjoy a fun activity in the end of your own making!

The first year commitee usually organizes one activity around december, which leads to three hours of work for this activity.


The weekendcommittee organises a fun weekend away with the association to somewhere in the Netherlands. Whether we stay in a scouting building or on a campsite, with these Messed Up people a lot of crazy stuff is bound to happen! If you'd like to set up a Messed Up weekend you'll be responsible for fixing a location and organising the activities and food for the weekend.

This committee requires upto two hours of work, depending on how close the activity is.


The tripcommittee is in charge to plan a trip somewhere outside the Netherlands. This trip will be full with all kinds of activities, from scavenger hunts to pubcrawls and visiting cultural sites in the european city that is the epic destination of the next trip. It's all up to the TripCo's imagination. Previous destinations were Poznan (Poland), Plzn (Czech Republic), Leipzig (Germany) and Leuven (Belgium).

This committee requires around two hours a week.