Kick In 2022

Kick in Activities

You can find us at the Kick In 2022:

Opening Fair 24 August
Sports Games 26 August
Kick Out Festival 1 September

We also have a special competition where you can win a Messed Up t-shirt!

For more information check out our facebook or instagram.

September activities

We have open training every Tuesday 18:00-19:30 and every Thursday 21:00-22:30. We also have some fun activities planned for you alongside the open trainings.

Game evening 6 September Meet in front of sports centre 20:00
Icecream meet 8 September Meet in front of sports centre 20:15
Canteen drinks 13 September Meet in sports canteen 20:00
Icecream meet 15 September Meet in front of sports centre 20:15
Scavenger hunt 20 September Meet in front of sports centre 20:00
Canteen drinks 27 September Meet in sports canteen 20:00

After Kick In Tournament

On the 25th of September we will have an After Kick In tournament where we will play fun floorball matches at the sports centre. It is an open tournament for people who are new to floorball! So take your new friends (you can take your Kick In do group) and come show us what you got. Afterwards our Members invite you to join an after tournament barbecue.

We will play a small field tournament, meaning we play with small goals and without goalies. There are 4 players in the field from each team. However, in floorball, it is allowed to substitute any and as many times as you want throughout the game. Therefore, we suggest you have a team of 4 to 8 players. You can sign up a full team, or you can sign up any number of people (even individually) and be matched with others tomake a full team.The tournament will start around 12:00.

The barbecue will start around 18:00 and will be held on the campus. The cost per person to join the barbecue is around 5 euro.

You can find the sing up link here.

The deadline to sign up is on the 20th of September.

If you have any quetions about Kick In Activities or open trainings let us know at